The Gatley festival committee would like to make the Gatley community aware that unfortunately we are disbanding and will no longer be organising the Gatley festival.The 7 members of the committee have been together organising the festival for approximately 10 years, so this has not been an easy decision to make. This has been made due to various reasons such as personal commitments we are now having to face, leaving us less time to deal with the continuous challenges that we face each year in trying to raise funds to enable the festival to be held and the extra cost when the weather is not kind. Last year alone we encompassed additional costs in excess of £2000 to be able to weather proof the festival fun day. In order for the festival to continue it requires a number of new volunteers to take control and coordinate. The next GVP (Gatley Village Partnership) meeting in January will have the future of Gatley festival on the agenda, so please if you would like to take on the organising of the festival this is your opportunity to say. I would also like to confirm that remaining funds will be held with GVP committee until a festival committee has been established.We would like to thank each and every one of you who have supported the festival over the last 10years, either by attending the events or by helping as a volunteer it has been greatly appreciated. Should anyone volunteer to take on these roles the committee members will be happy to share experience and contacts with you. If you want to ensure the festival continues, please attend the GVP meeting and make it happen. Thanks, Jayne Baker (Chair)January 2017

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